Auckland’s Future and High Density Living

More high density housing is on the cards for Auckland. In particular, West Auckland is featuring under a plan for the super-city’s future signed off by the Auckland Council.

The Auckland Plan outlines key goals in housing, transport and economic growth over the next 30 years. Central to the document is how the city will accommodate one million new residents expected in the region by 2040. Go to for more information on the Auckland Plan.

The plan calls for greater medium and high density housing in areas like New Lynn.

High density housing is defined as multiple-unit housing where density is greater than 1 unit per 80m2 of the site area’. Typically, high-density housing is centrally located in apartment buildings.

Councillor Sandra Coney says more intense development around the town centres makes sense and it many residents and ratepayers agree, as nearly all the public submissions were in favour of a compact city.

Deputy mayor Penny Hulse says many of the West Auckland future growth areas highlighted in the plan have been in the planning stages for some time and can be traced back to the former Waitakere City Council.

These include Hobsonville, Westgate and Massey North which will be used for more housing and business development.

Mrs Hulse says there was an intense debate during the final approval of the Auckland Plan on Thursday about how much development should be contained within the city’s metropolitan urban limit.

Most of the proposed development outside the metropolitan urban limit will be in areas like Warkworth and Pukekohe. Whereas in West Auckland we’ve already got fairly defined areas for development.

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