New Homes Failing Building Inspections


Auckland needs more homes and fast so the number of building consents per month is rising. However the dilemma for Auckland is a lack of qualified developers and skilled workmen. Currently up to 40 percent of all building inspections on new building sites are failing and it’s due to shoddy workmanship. Continue reading

Today’s Housing Boom Different to 2007


While New Zealand is experiencing a property market boom, the RBNZ Governor Graeme Wheeler says it’s different to what we experienced back in 2006-7.

House price values have sky rocketed in Auckland of the past year and it’s created a lot more million dollar suburbs. Continue reading

Auckland’s Property Values – The Statistics


What’s all the fuss about some may ask – so the property values have risen a lot over the past three years what’s the harm in that?

Auckland needs 30,000 homes to meet current demand – with this shortage comes increasing competition for any property on the market for sale. Continue reading

Why an Investment Property is Preferred


Investing in Property is often the preferred first step onto the property ladder.

While there are a lot of incentives for first home buyers in New Zealand – owning an investment property (IP) probably has more advantages right now over owning a PPOR (principal place of residence). Continue reading

Fast Track Housing Development


New homes are needed fast in the Auckland region and there are other regions around the country also in need of more new homes. The ‘handbrake’ on fast tracking housing development is often in the funding of and implementation of the pre-requisite services infrastructure. Continue reading