The Property Tutors team absolutely believe, that Strategy, Action & Wealth Creation work in synergy to create more than the sum of all parts, and that true consistent success can only be achieved where each of these three areas is addressed.
Property Tutors is the solely owned company of Sean Wood.

The PropertyTutors team operates very much out of mutual respect for each other’s achievements, talent, beliefs and vision. Each team member is a highly driven individual who has achieved great outcomes on their own, have assisted many others to replicate great results, and yet have done it in entirely different ways, as they fired ahead in their individual journeys through lifes challenges.

Sean has always had a strong belief that Property Educators have to be real investors – who have achieved, and are achieving great results in the real world. The team are convinced that the evidence of your own hard work is paramount proof of your achievements and ability to lead others to success.

Sean & the team have mentored & educated many students to achieve huge and real results in their time in the property industry. Sean is only interested in working with people, in whom he can have absolute confidence, can prove great investing results both past and ongoing, can inspire & communicate at a real level with their clients, and can continue to build their own investing momentum as they grow as investors and people.

These capabilities and commitments requires a large degree of personal trust in the capabilities of his people, and Sean is pleased and proud to direct and endorse the tutoring team.

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