Auckland’s Future and High Density Living

More high density housing is on the cards for Auckland. In particular, West Auckland is featuring under a plan for the super-city’s future signed off by the Auckland Council. Continue reading

State of Play in the Auckland Property Market

There has been much talk in the media recently of a rise in house sales in Auckland, but what is really the state of play in the Auckland Property Market?
Continue reading

Property Investment and Lateral Thinking

Sometimes it’s not always possible to find a high yield property. But there is another way to create positive cashflow from a negatively geared property so that you come out a winner at the end of the day. Continue reading

Think Outside The Square

In the world of property investing it is sometimes necessary to think outside the square in order to get the returns you need. One of the easy ways to do this is to add extra bedrooms within the footprint of an existing dwelling. Quite simply, extra bedrooms equals more rent. By working within the footprint, it is just a matter of adding the necessary non-load-bearing internal walls. Properties with very large bedrooms or living areas are perfect for this strategy. Continue reading

Property Investment values double in 7 years

Many people will look at that the statement “Property Investment value doubles in 7 years” and think that is too good to be true! The PropertyTutors team know that it is a fact. The Auckland Property Market doubles in value, on average, every 7 years. Outside of Auckland the average time to double a property’s value is 10 years. Continue reading

Learning and Teaching Property Investment

Now is not the time to become complacent. I really want to stress the importance of continuing education in the Property Investment field, because there is always more to learn – and if you think you know it all, that’s when you are most likely to get into trouble. Continue reading

Building up your Property Portfolio

The property I was looking at was situated in a part of Manurewa that was not exceptionally good, it was located on an up-and-coming street. The house was well built and large with four bedrooms, one of which was enormous with its own en suite. The other bedrooms were also generous in size, and so too were the living areas, which included a downstairs rumpus room. Continue reading

Auckland Property A Rosy Investment

The sales figures for residential property in Auckland December 2011 are impressive. Twenty eight percent more properties were sold than the previous December and that in itself is a positive outcome let alone the other statistics presented by the REINZ. The latest Real Estate Institute of New Zealand data also confirmed an increase property prices. Continue reading

Property Investment and Perseverance

One day when I was bored because my friends were at their jobs and I had no one to play golf with, I rang my two top agents, Phil Thompson and Arn Mehta, and told them I’d like to hang out with them. I’ve done this a few times and find I learn a lot while driving through South Auckland with them for the day Continue reading