Auckland Property Investors Sign Up With Sean Wood


PropertyTutors owner Sean Wood property investment mentoring is in hot demand. The local property market continues to challenge the RBNZ with house values continuing to increase. Home values have increased 15 percent from April 13 – April 14 and while the volume of property sales has decreased property investors (new and seasoned) are just getting on with their business and that includes being mentored by Sean Wood. Continue reading

Up Go Interest Rates, AKL Property Values


The RBNZ has moved the OCR up to 3.25 percent and that has pushed the NZ Dollar value upwards. The focus is to ensure the economy continues to grow and inflation is manageable at around two percent. While there is a lot of building of homes in Auckland and a commitment to keep that sector strong to meet the demands of positive net migration supply is currently falling short of demand and house value inflation remains high. Continue reading

Auckland Council Back Down on High Density Living?


Auckland is expected to accommodate an extra million people in thirty years time according to a news item on NZHerald. This knowledge however has not encouraged Auckland council to stay on track with their high density living plan for most Auckland … Continue reading

Banks Creativity Keep Homebuyers In The Market

We all knew it wouldn’t be long before the Banks used the RBNZ LVR restrictions to their advantage.  Westpac have come up with some creative loans deals.  If you’re a low deposit lender (i.e you don’t have the twenty percent … Continue reading