How to change video playback speed in QuickTime X

While Apple changed its aging QuickTime Player 7 with all the newer QuickTime X, it touted the change being a soil-up repair to supplant the band-assisted construction that had maintained QuickTime 7 opting for numerous years. QuickTime may now be better set to handle potential media types and implementations, but because its headline QuickTime X hasn’t actually done much, and has left many without clear approaches for a few of the essential adjustments that have been benefits over time.

One of these simple may be the power to enjoy movie information at different prices compared to the default. For those who have a high-frame rate movie, for example one that was shot at 60 or 120 frames per second, then enjoying it through QuickTime X it may default to 30 frames per second, having it operate at 1/2 or 1/4 of the conventional rate. To overcome this, you may still regulate the playback rate of your movie, though with regards to the route and accuracy you would like, you might need to utilize mac spell based methods for this option.

First, to boost your movie’s playback rate, simply click the left or proper growth arrows next to the play/pause button. This will increase the rate from 1x to 2x, 5x, 10x, etc., while in the course of your choosing. If you’d like more precision, then support the Solution key when clicking, and you will discover the batches jump by values of 0.1 as opposed to integer multiples.

Unfortunately Apple’s settings do not provide you with in any manner to establish an assortment at significantly less than 1x, when you wish to slow your movie down you have to use an AppleScript-based approach, which may be iPhone 6 home button not working  completed both inside the Script Editor or within the Final. The script point which will do that for that foremost QuickTime file may be the following:

tell application “QuickTime Player” to set rate of document 1 to 0.5

In this command, the 0.5 value will play the movie at half-rate, though you can specify any value. Negative values will run in reverse, and positive ones will run forward.

Audio recording in QuickTime Player

The back and forward controls in QuickTime adjust the speed from 1x on up.

Since this is a one-line script, you can easily run it from the Terminal as well, since AppleScript lines can be interpreted using the “osascript” command (note even though it may wrap here, all of this is on one line):

osascript -e ‘tell application “QuickTime Player” to set rate of document 1 to 0.5’